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Monday, March 16, 2015

Minot Radar Base – 1979 –

 the Minot Radar Base had a few different names. It was referred to as the South Base, the South Prairie Country Club and the Bubble Top Gang. On Friday, June 22, 1979, the Air Force held a formal retreat ceremony to close the base. The Airmen stationed at the South Base were transferred to bases all over the world. The Radar Base, at times in its near 30 year history, would serve as a refuge for stranded motorists during North Dakota winters or blizzard parties as they were called. The Radar Base was not part of the Strategic Air Command like MAFB but was under the command of the 24th Air Division of the North American Air Defense Command in Great Falls, Montana.


  1. The official name was the 786th Radar Squadron. My husband was stationed there in the early 60's. When the SAGE building was closed at the North Base, his Commander knew he was married to a "local girl" and offered him the transfer to South Base so, as an AF wife I was able to stay "home" in Minot. The website has more information.

  2. I did two tours there in the late 50s. Minot is a town I learned to love, the people were the greatest to us young airmen in the early days. This was pre-SAGE, so it was then the 786th AC&W (Aircraft Control & Warning) Squadron.


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