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Monday, March 2, 2015

Minot – Glimpses of the Early Years –

 In the very early years the Governor of North Dakota was one R.A/ Nestos of Minot. Minot city leaders seemed to be on a roughrider kick as Riverside Park was renamed to Roosevelt Park and the new grade school was named Roosevelt School. Before 1920 the first Minot Chamber president, Carl E Danielson predicted that someday there would be a gravel road all the way from Minot to Bismarck. Because the roads were so bad or almost non-existent it was not unusual for a trip to Bismarck to consist of taking a train from Minot to Drake, then from Drake to Max and a third train from Max to Bismarck. In early Minot the silent movies were enhanced by music from an orchestra pit. The violinist was most often provided by Minot resident Arturo Petricci. 

Early road construction on Highway 83 South


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