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Friday, March 13, 2015

High Third – The Last Building –

In the spring of 1979 the last building on Minot’s High Third was greeted by a wrecking ball and demolished. The Grill, 316 3rd St SW,  was the second lot in from 4th Ave on the south end of Minot’s High Third, which was famous for all types of illicit activities for decades until it was shut down in the early 1960’s. The last owner of The Grill was Deedee Govan who purchased the building and business from “Ma” Butler, who was a legend on Third Street. After High Third was closed down Deedee used The Grill as the base for his Hot Tamale enterprise. I witnessed the production of the Hot Tamales when I would call on Deedee as a Coca-Cola driver. The Grill was one of my monthly stops to see if he needed any soft drinks. A couple times Deedee approached me about selling his Hot Tamales as his sales rep. I never did but in hindsight it might have been one of the more interesting chapters in my life had I done so. A note of interest ... The building that was home to the Parrot Inn on High Third is still standing outside of Minot.

 The Grill
The Parrot Inn


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