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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

P P Lee Block

Woolworth’s was on the South west corner of Main Street and Central Avenue. Originally this was Jack Doyle’s saloon in the late 1800’s. It was purchased and became the P P Lee block and was the home to the New York Store owned by Fauchald. The New York Store was one of the early general department stores .  Somewhere around 1920 FW Woolworth bought the store to put in their Woolworth Department Store. Eventually the top floor was added.  The cafeteria was on the south side of the store close to the escalator. When I was a young kid, Grandpa would take us into Woolworth’s while Mom and Grandma were shopping to buy us ice cream. We were usually more interested in riding the escalator. This escalator only went up and you had to take the stairs down.…. If I remember correctly, the house wares department was at the top of the escalator. The building has gone through a couple changes in ownership but is now back to retail stores on the main floor and apartments above. Rumor has it the escalator may be restored to working condition


PP Lee Block



  1. Loved to ride the escalator! Cherry cokes at the counter were a regular treat after school.


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