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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Zoo in Mnot

Minot Z00  -in 1914 the decision was made to open a zoo in Minot. The Park Board decided to purchase two buffalo from South Dakota, a bull and a cow, at a cost of about $600.00. Five acres was to be fenced for the buffalo. A Menagerie will be started in the area. Some of the animals will be coyotes, foxes, bears and raccoons. A monkey cage will be added and the park already has a number of squirrels in the park, however, boys are shooting the squirrels. Fines and jail terms were to levied on anyone carrying guns in the parks. $1.00 to $19.00 and 1 to 15 days in jail. The Zoo building was built in 1921 and has survived a number of floods. Flooded in 1923, 1927, 1953, 1969 and 2011. The building has gone through many changes and is now in the process of becoming an Aviary.

 Zoo Building 1920's
 Original Bear Castle
Feeding bears

Sign at entrance

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  1. lived across 4th ave from zoo;what a great way to growup. lions,elk,bears and monkeys..oh my.
    darius richey was boss man there and was great about having kids come by and play with the cubs and other infants.. my school friend became boo years later...mike nilson
    I can still imitate a lion.elk and parrot for my kids