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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lucifer B Tykes

over the years many local bands have come and gone in the Minot area. This group back in the 1970’s included Don Lee, Calvin Davy, Ron Hett and Jerry Scott … Following the 1969 flood in Minot, a local song writer wrote “The Ballad of Jim” .  A song about Jim Ruyak, chief of construction for the Army Corps of Engineers. The tune was to that of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme song. The Song had some popularity in the Minot area but was never topped the country charts. Members of the band were Calvin Davy, Jerry Scott, Ron Hett and Don Lee...


  1. David, I remember your family and your cousin Calvin very well. It is so good to see this photo. Thanks for the good work.

    Diana Zimmerman


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