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Friday, January 24, 2014

Simonson Gas - Grand opening 1965

Simonson Gas & Station Store – 1965 – May 21-22, 1965 was the grand opening of the Simonson Gas & Station Store … Credit card applications were available… Free coffee and cake and free bubble gum for the kids… Located where the store is now but the address was Highway 83 South… with the purchase of gas you had your choice of a 200 count package of napkins or a 54X90 inch plastic table cloth…. Some of the grand opening specials were A Columbia bicycle for $35.66… a 20 gallon metal garbage can only $1.99 … a charcoal grill only $9.99 … Aluminum lawn chair for $3.49 and a matching chaise lounge only $6.39.. They also offered Simonson Saving Stamps that when saved could be exchanged for merchandise….


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