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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dee Dee's Hot Tamales

Dee Dee’s Bar & Grill was on the south end of Minot’s High Third Street. In the late 1960’s Dee Dee was selling his Hot Tamales. Dee Dee claimed the tamales were “an exciting dish you could serve in minutes”.  They were at manufactured at The Grill and sold in many grocery stores in the area. Some of those were The Three Red Owl Stores, The three Pigly Wiggly Stores, Minot Food Store, Behm’s Truck Stop and Sunshine Grocery. In the late 60’s I worked for Coca Cola as a route driver and The Grill was one of my accounts. Many times I would walk into the grill while the tamales were being packaged.  Aluminum foil rectangular pans covered every available area in the dining room. Dee Dee’s employees would walk around in a makeshift assembly line process filling the pans with the ingredients. The final step was to secure the cover. Then off to the freezer until sold. Dee Dee did offer me job a couple times as the delivery person for the tamales to local markets

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