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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Boy - Cutie Burgers

In 1961 The Big Boy on Highway 83 South was The Place to go, especially after the Outdoor Drive-in Theater show was over. In the 1960’s Cutie Burgers Flying Saucer Style were only 35 cents …. It consisted of a hamburger patty with whatever you wanted on it between two pieces of bread that were toasted in crimped together in a special device … the crust of the bread was trimmed off hence the “Flying Saucer” style. The first job I had in Minot in 1965 was working at the Big Boy for 80 cents an hour. I got into big trouble one night while mixing a batch of chicken to be fried when I tried to read the secret ingredients on the bag that contained the 11 herbs and spices…. No one…. Not even the manager was privy to that information…(so I was told) … the bags were kept in a locked room …

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