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Monday, July 30, 2012

JB Reed Transfer & Storage

JB Reed Transfer and Storage was one of the oldest operator of moving trucks in Minot. They got their first truck, a Winton, in 1911. The crank on this vehicle was on the side. After the driver cranked it and got it started, he would most likely have to run after and catch up to the moving truck. Eventually Reed Transfer went to using GMC and International trucks. Before that, some of the trucks they had were a Republic, an Overland and a Maxwell. In 1933 , Reed Transfer became the agents for Aero-Mayflower Moving out of Indianapolis. Cliff Reed was also a lover of fine cars. In 1934 when President Roosevelt was in Devils Lake, he was chauffeured by Cliff Reed in his Sport Model Buick. He was and his car also chauffeured the Mexican ambassador to the United States in 1935 when he was visiting Minot.  Pictured below is a Dakota Transfer truck from the 50’s .  A side note on the Winton Automotive Co..... They were the first to run an ad in Scientific American in 1898 inviting people to "Dispense with Horses and drive a Winton". A Winton was also the first automobile to make the cross country trip from Los Angeles to New York in the early 1900's. The trip took over 63 days as there were about 250 miles of paved roads at that time.

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  1. Cliff Reed was my Grand Father, great article, thank you.

    John Paul Reed