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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1970's Grocery Stores

Red Owl stores – Three locations at one time – Downtown Minot – across the street west of the Midwest Federal Building, managed at one time by Don Steffan  – Arrowhead Shopping Center (where White Drug is now located) managed by Leonard Kretchmar  and South Broadway in the Tractor Supply location- managed by Don Jessen ….. Piggly Wiggly Stores – Three locations – Town and Country Shopping Center (on the north end where the Trinity Cancer Center is – Highway 2 East – Across from the ND State Fair Grounds – Oak Park Shopping Center…… Super Valu - There were two Super Valu Stores as I at 627 North Broadway - South of the Subway Restaurant and the other on South Broadway - where the Good Will Store is at 14th Ave and South Broadway.


  1. There was also a grocery store, believe it was Super Valu - down near where Food Services is now. The building that was at one time the grocery store later became the Minot Vocational Workshop, although I don't know what is there now, if anything. This grocery store was still open at the time of the 1969 flood I think. Not exactly the 1970's but still noteworthy perhaps?