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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 9, 1954

A sampling of things in the newspaper – Many businesses, banks and others announcing they would be closed on Thursday in observance of Veterans Day ….. Many others and most retail stores would not open until Noon on Thursday …..

Entertainment --- Minot Community Players presenting a performance of  “The happy Time” at the Bohemian Hall (when I was in high school the Bohemian Hall was a party spot out of town…… 
KCJB – TV – schedule 6 pm – News ---  7 pm – Pantomime Quiz --- 7:30 pm - Halls of Ivy (new TV comedy) --- 8 pm film --- 9 pm - City Detective --- 9:30 pm Thru the Keyhole --- 10 pm News
There was a story on how to lay vinyl (resilient) tile….. and many teaser ads announcing the unveiling of the 1955 Ford on the following Friday


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