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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1927 Tobacco Ads

This is the blog from yesterday.... not sure why it did not post
It seems that a lot of the advertising done in the newspaper back in 1927 was for tobacco of various types, mainly cigars and cigarettes. 

Cigars – La Palina – mild taste, made by the Congress Cigar co. --- Rocky Ford – A real 5 cent cigar --- Dutch Masters  - Very mild and as fine as any imported cigar --- Henry George – Best 5 cent cigar made  --- Charles Denby – the 2 for 15 cent cigar (tastes better than many 10 cent cigars)
Cigarettes – one of the more popular brands was Camel – one of life’s greatest pleasure in smoking --- Chesterfield – Good taste – smokers switching to them --- Lucky Strike – It’s toasted – No Throat irritation and no cough ---

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