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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Third Street Men

Cars of the Third Street Men– Lincolns, Cadillacs, Imperials and other big luxury cars were the favorites of the Third Street Men. One of these men had a 1956 Imperial hard top that he had stored in the Stearns Building. At one time he owned a big and fancy Lincoln Continental. Rumor has it that the car was stored at Stearns Motors and he  hired someone to go to the garage twice a day to dust the vehicle so it always looked good when he wanted to drive it. This person  later started driving Oldsmobile Toronado’s.. Another Third Street Man had a 1958 Chrysler Imperial. He also had a pet dog which was a Boxer. The dog was very protective of the car. Beware to any who got too close.


  1. I'm thinking the man you're referring to is Ray DiBrell. I remember him driving a light blue (I think) Toronado in the 70s. He was our next door neighbor for some time in S. E. Minot in the 70s and until his death I believe. I remember him as a nice man.

    1. Ray dibrell was good friends with my grandmother