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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evacuated - Day 146 - Nov 15, 2011

LAst night when Pat and I left about 6 pm, the kitchen cabinets were almost all installed. They look great.... have to down load pictures off the camera to upload to the sight. All the tape and plastic is off all the windows except in the kitchen and the arch way between the living room and dining room. The old strom door will work with the new back entry door so we will install and have a lot of cleanup to do on it in the spring.
Today or tomorrow work should begin in the basement bathroom on the shower and the floor.
Hopefully the flooring can start going in this week so new furniture can be delivered next week.
About 4 inches of snow last night. Driving in from Tom and Susan's place this morning at 4:30 am was almost a white out. No wind, but heavy snow and no tracks on the road. Speed was about 10-15 mph until we got to the bottom of Speedway Hill. Very slippery underneath the snow . For those familiar with Minot..... 3rd St by the Courthouse was closed as was the hill on Hiawatha. Lots of multi vehicle accidents all over town.

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