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Friday, July 20, 2018

Hotels - Motels That are No More

Hotels/Motels of the past:
Gelking Motel – 1524 S Broadway (now Mall with Domino’s Pizza)
Walsh Motel – 17th Ave – hwy 83 south (now the China Star)

Pat’s Motel – Hwy 52 Southeast

Gordon’s Holiday Spot – 1901 S Broadway (was Sidekicks Lounge)

Hillcrest Motel 

Clarence Parker – 1st St and 1st Ave SE (Now Parker Senor Center)

Leland Parker – Main Street and Central Ave (now Artspace)
Paradise Motel - 20th Ave and Broadway
Sterling Motel – 20th Ave & Broadway (Mow Marketplace Foods)
Roosevelt Hotel – Broadway and 1st Ave. (parking lot west of the Federal Building)

Ho Hum Motel – Burdick Exp & Bypass West (now The View)

Home Motel –Hwy 2 & 52 West

 Clarence Parker Hotel - 1950's
 Windsor Hotel
Roosevelt Hotel


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