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Friday, July 27, 2018

Bars and Restaurants in 1976

Centennial 1976 – Entertainment Businesses of the past
 – The Parkway Diner (across from Roosevelt Park) – Happy Joe’s Pizza ( 816 20th Ave SW)  – A&W Drive-In (1819 S Broadway) – Hitchin Post Restaurant (3 miles East of Fairgrounds) – Kings Food Host (711 S Broadway) – Village Inn Pizza (1929 North Broadway) – Torchlight Bar (Downtown Minot) – Schoenwald’s Lil Red Caboose Bar (614 3rd St NE ) – Howdy’s (1734 South Broadway) – the Agate Lounge (Surrey) – Club 52 (between Minot and Burlington) – Stockman’s Bar (east Burdick Expressway) – El Greco Lounge (on North Broadway) – Fireside Lounge (at the Sandman Hotel


  1. What happened to Speedway? That was between Minot and Burlington.

  2. Does anyone know where that coffee shop called Falcons nest was located?

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