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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Paul McCoy & Co.

1912 Minot Daily OpticPaul McCoy & Co.  – This store was located in the Leland Block on Main Street in Minot. In a newspaper ad in 1912 in the Minot Daily Optic they were featuring the following: Men’s black or tan socks 11 cents a pair, Silk stockings so men – 38 cents a pair, men’s union suits for 94 cents. Paul McCoy & co. also had on sale an Eastman Kodak postcard camera for only $20.00,  Sherwin Williams and Masury’s house paints for $1.50 a gallon and box candies that originally sold for 35 cents to $1.00 on sale for 17 to 50 cents

Main St - 1912


  1. David, I came across your blog while researching an ancestor who moved from Michigan to Minot in about 1890. He died there in 1899. I see you have posted information from the Minot Daily Optic. Do you happen to have access to their archives? I would be more appreciative than you can imagine if by some miracle you could produce his obituary.

    His name was Alfred Lowe and he died in February, 1899. He left behind a wife, Hattie, and several children.

    The state's death records are pretty spotty for this time period and I'm hoping against hope you might have something!

    1. Lowe Alfred L. Feb 24 1899 37 Y 1 M 5 D