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Friday, June 9, 2017

Minot’s Anne Street Bridge Part 5 –

Many other problems persisted after the “foot viaduct” had been built. Because of the steps on both ends, older people and women with baby carriages had difficulties using the bridge. Early travelers across the bridge also had to contend with soot and smoke from the engines passing below. City officials also noted there was a threat to ladies wearing light colored or expensive gowns. Finally in January 1918 Great Northern agreed to “enclose and cover and also reconstruct the floor of the viaduct to deal with the soot and smoke. It seems that much later, in the 1920’s the steps were replaced with inclines (ramps).  The bridge may have remained “covered” well into the 1950’s. The picture shows people fishing from the Anne St. Bridge in the 1920's
Research thanks to Susan Gessner - Minot

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