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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fair Enhancements:

 In 1934, water lines were added connecting the fair grounds to the Minot city water supply. In 1935 the “Pioneer Settlement” was established in the west/northwest rea of the fairgrounds in the shade of the trees by near the Mouse River.  In 1936 the Pioneer Bowl was added in the area which is now a parking lot just south of the State Fair Center. The Pioneer Bowl was WPA project that could seat well over 2000 people. The Pioneer bowl was used for pageants, mass meetings and at times, old time dances. The Pioneer Bowl survived until the 1969 flood.  In the spring of 1937 a bridge was built over the Mouse River connecting the fair grounds to a camp ground. .. After many years of different fair dates, including July 4th, the date was set for late in July in 1948. The reason was so the fair could obtain better agricultural exhibits and attract better entertainment programs. 

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