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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Westland Oil Fire #3 --

The other man was an airport employee named Hobart Myers. He had gone to the scene to see what was happening and decided to try and help. When the flaming gasoline covered his body he dived into a sand pile at a nearby construction site. Myers was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment of severe burns. His coveralls were still smoldering when he arrived at the hospital. His clothing reportedly burst into flames again, burning a nurse who was caring for him. Myers suffered severe burns and had to go skin grafts. He was a patient at St. Joe’s Hospital for over eleven months before returning home. Myers later became a custodial worker at the Ward County Courthouse and passed away in 1958.
The picture below was taken by Lloyd G Hanson. this the only picture I have that is in color and showing the flames from the fire. Most pictures just show the smoke. My thanks to his daughter Lila Beck for giving me this photograph

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