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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

122 8th St SE Pt 2 - Eastwood Park

In the late 20’s the person who owned the house got involved with and joined a church out of St Paul, Mn. He deeded the house to the church with the stipulation that he could live there, “free of charge”, until he died. The house was converted to a apartments and sleeping rooms. Two apartments in the basement and on the main floor and five sleeping rooms on the top floor. All the income from the house went to the building fund for construction of a church here in Minot. That church was to be located on 6th Street SE, next to the Greek Orthodox church. The foundation was all that was built. That eventually became a 3 unit below grade apartment building that was demolished when the Greek Church purchased the land and converted it into a parking lot. 

Back of house - 1980's 


  1. What church ( denomination? ) was planning on building Dave? ( Jim P. )

  2. I sent a reply from my phone.. if you do not receive it let me know

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  4. In case the phone reply did not go through... The parent church was in St Paul Mn. the Lutheran Evangelical Free Church (or something similar). Eventually the house was owned by Zion Lutheran church here in Minot. They sold it to a family named Callahan. and on to others. We bought the house in 1982.
    There is an attorney in town who grew up in the house. Her mother brought her home from the hospital to one of the sleeping rooms and eventually they moved to one of the apartments. She still stops by the house as she is a customer of my wife who is a seamstress and does alterations from our home.