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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Harry St. Clair Co. - Boris Karloff –

 The Jacobson Opera House was host to many traveling theater companies in the early days of Minot. One of those theatrical companies was the Harry St. Clair Company. This group had an actor with them that would one day become famous. That actor was Boris Karloff, best known later in his career for the horror movies he starred in. Karloff spent 60 weeks in Minot back about 1915 when he was acting with the Harry St. Clair Company. They were performing at the Opera House and would have stayed longer but according to Karloff, they ran out of plays. Probably not many people are aware of the fact that Boris Karloff was a life member of the Minot Chamber of Commerce. The award was presented to him in 1957 by J. Warren Bacon of Minot at the television showing of “This is Your Life”,  about Boris Karloff.  A side note, Bacon, then 12 years old often ran errands of Boris Karloff. Bacon’s father was the manager of the Opera House at the time


  1. David, I teach English at Central Campus. I am brainstorming ideas for next year's units. I am hoping to incorporate some history of our Magic City into some writing and reading lessons. As of right now, the focus will be on the 30s and 40s. If there is anything up your sleeve on this time period relating to "Little Chicago" I would love for you to post them! I am really edited about this unit and the idea of using your resource in the classroom.