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Friday, April 18, 2014

Minot Downtown in 1904

In the early days of Minot the Downtown area was vastly different than it is now. The streets had names and not numbers. The Avenues were numbered but much differently than today. Main Street was as it is now and the center of Minot. The Street to the west of Main Street now known as First Avenue SW was then known as Reishus Avenue . It also had a small ravine running most of its length with a walk bridge spanning it or filled in on some cross streets. First Street to the East was then known as Ramstad Avenue. Second Street East was Welcome Avenue. Third Street was Belyea Avenue and Fourth Street was Pleasant Avenue ….  What we now know as Avenues were the streets it seems. Central Avenue was First Street and so on. So…. Burdick Expressway which was Fourth Avenue, in 1904 was actually Fifth Street.

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