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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The History of the Keg (Barrel) Part 3

Harry Muzzy built the second barrel in Minot, next to the Minot City Ballpark and across the street from the city zoo. He used 117 pieces of 1 inch by 6 inch tongue and groove lumber sixteen feet long to form the outer shell of the structure. Local lumber yards had to shape and bevel the wood in order to fit in the top and bottom hoops. It was during the time of the Depression and lumber yards and carpenters were happy to have the work. When completed Muzzy began selling soft drinks, ham sandwiches and hot dogs with sauerkraut to Minot residents. The root beer logo was Triple XXX. The logo stood out prominently on the front of the Barrel root beer stand. This logo and the novel shape attracted and kept customers.

Muzzy next to one of The Barrels

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  1. After WW2, my parents managed the Barrel in Devils Lake ND. They also lived in the small quarters above. Mr. Muzzy must have passed on by then because Mrs. Muzzy had ownership at that time. I have a news paper article in an old scrap book my parents kept from the New York Times. They did a story about a couple in ND living in a barrel. I have pictures of my parents standing outside with Mrs. Muzzy, my mother hold my sister when she was just a baby. I am guessing the year was 1945 or 1946