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Monday, December 17, 2012

Flat iron Building

The Flat Iron Building was located on the northeast corner of Broadway and Central Avenue. It was called the Flat Iron Building because of its triangular shape – similar to that of an old flat iron. One of the businesses in the Flat Iron Building was the Spudnut Shop. The Spudnut Shop specialized in hamburgers and Spudnuts. A Spudnut was a doughnut made from special potato flour, apparently that one had to purchase from the Spudnut Company. Reportedly the doughnuts were the best when fresh.. Another business I remember in the Flat Iron Building back in the late 60’s was Carl’s Music Store. Not sure when it went out of business, but he handled musical instruments and supplies.musical instruments and supplies.

 Flat iron Bldg - mid 1960's from Central Ave.
Flat Iron Bldg  1950's on Central Ave looking towards Broadway


  1. interesting shadow, appears to say MINOT FEDERAL. Was it a sign across the street, or was there a Minot Federal in the buiding to the south?

  2. I recall visiting a junk store on the south side of the Flatiron building during the early 60s.