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Friday, November 16, 2012

Restaurants - 60's & 70's

Copper Pot Restaurant – located inside Gordon’s Holiday Spot Motel on South Broadway (now the home of the Hibachi Grill) ….. Sweden House Smorgasbord – on South Broadway – now the home of Market place Foods Dollar Store – Sunday menu in 1967 featured roast turkey, bar-b-q ribs, roast beef and Swedish meatballs -- This later became the Viking Table….. Riverside Supper Club & Lounge – south of the fairgrounds – where the Holiday Inn is located …. Capri Café --  Across from the State Fair Grounds – next to the Capri Lounge … Ramada Inn Restaurant – on north hill inside the Ramada Inn – Now the Grand International Inn …. Embers Restaurant – on the top floor of the Minot Federal Savings & Loan Building (Midwest Federal) – American and Chinese food – daily luncheon special only 89 cents …..

 Viking Table Sign
Menu from Gordon's Holiday Spot


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