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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Auto Dealers - 1927 #3

 Fisher – Sandlie Motor Company – They acquired the Pence Auto co. – Buick dealer …Crowell Motor Company – Authorized dealer for Paige automobiles … Parker Motor Co .—115 -119 1st Ave SE – Dodge dealer (across from the Blue Rider) – Had a large auditorium on the top floor of the building which house Skateland and burned in 1962) … Minot Reo Co. – 21 1st St SE – Dealer for The REO Flying Cloud and Wolverine autos … 

 Showroom of Parker Motors
 Top floor of Parker Motors known as the Parker Auditorium.
The top floor was destroyed . The rest of the garage is still standing and his winter home to my Corvette and other vehicles


  1. I love the style of the car in the Showroom of Parker motors. I would absolutely love to have a car like that. It would definitely help provide me with something unique and different. You don't really see cars like that any more. It is amazing to me how much cars and dealerships have developed over the years. It definitely isn't the same as it used to be.

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