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Thursday, October 11, 2012

1927 - Dollar Days

Apparently the concept of Dollar Day Sales in Minot was around 85 years ago. In the November 7,  1927 news paper many business were featuring Dollar Days Sales but the items were a bit different than one finds now….. everything in the newspaper ads was exactly $1.00….. Goldberg’s Furniture had large reversible rugs … Squtts Clothing – Mens dress shirts with collar …. Men's silk and wool socks ….. Watson’s Sanitary Grocery – 13 pounds sugar… canned vegetables 8 cans ….. Brooms ….. 5 pounds peanuts ….. Fauchalds Department Store – 5 Bath towels … Minot Outlet Store – Men’s overalls (jeans) …Minot Furniture Co – bed pillows … 

 Main Street looking south from the railroad tracks. Goldberg's is just south of Sears. This is in the mid 1950's.
 Squtt's Clothing Store in the 1950's

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