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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Auto Dealers - 1927 #2

 Kluver Motor Co. – 16 Third St NE – ( across from the Ice Box Bar on south side of the 3rd St overpass) in 1927 they were the Pontiac and Oakland dealer – later would become the Studebaker dealer … Westlie Motor Co – at Central Avenue and 2nd St NW (Broadway) – Ford and Lincoln dealer - the original location had a gasoline pump on the sidewalk in front of dealership… Interstate Motor Co. – Dealer for Hudson and Essex automobiles … Frosaker Motor Co. – 2nd St and 1st Ave SW – now the home of  the Wells Fargo Drive-in bank … Sales dept was on the main floor --- Parts and service on the floors above -- accessed by an elevator

 Kluver Motors -
Frosaker Motors - Showroom reception area - 1920's

 Frosaker Motors - Corner of Broadway and 1 st Ave SW

 Westlie Motors - Corner of Central Ave & Broadway

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