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Friday, October 12, 2018

USS Minot salvage attempt 1967

Some 15 additional merchant ships defended by Armed Guards arrived at Okinawa on April 11. One of these, the Minot Victory, brought down a plane on April 12 which strafed the ship and crashed into her No. 4 kingpost. Five Armed Guards were wounded. 

In 1967 The USS Minot was to be salvaged ... The follwing is the account of the salvage operation... I do not have the pictures associated with the salvage efforts

  SS Minot Victory Salvage Operation, Paracel Islands 1967
LTJG Vince Weis and LTJG Mark Lusink recording the Minot Victory grounding data.

An underwater photo of Minot Victory's bow aground on the coral of North Reef, Paracel Islands. Photo taken by LTJG Mark Lusink.

EN3 Richard Pappe and SM3 By ob Willette figure eight 1.5 inch beach gear steel cable on Current's fantail in preparation for the Minot Victory salvage operation.

Current crew members prepare to release one of four Ells Anchors for the Minot Victory salvage operation

One of Current's Ells Anchors being dropped in preparation for the removal of Minot Victory from North Reef.

Current's tow wire is attached to the stern of Minot Victory, waiting for the maximum high tide. April 1967. A barge and a tug on both the starboard and port sides of Minot Victory are receiving heavy earth moving equipment from the Minot Victory prior to the pull.

Current slowly increasing RPM'S on the screws and taking a strain in the tow cable. Minot Victory slid off North Reef at a high tide after 7 days of preparations. .

I am not sure but I believe the USS Minot was salvaged

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