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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mercy Hospital

Dr. E C Stone – I received a call from a listener a while back about a Dr. EC Stone. She has a pill box from Anderson Drug. The physician was Dr E C Stone from Mercy Hospital. What I have discovered is this. In 1907, a Dr. Ringo came to Minot from Chicago to assume the medical practice of Dr. James Windel. In 1916, Dr.Ringo opened a 30 bed hospital in a downtown building to be used by his patients. Later the hospital was managed by a Dr. EC Stone. I do not know the name of this hospital, but it could have been Mercy Hospital. This hospital was eventually closed as the St. Francis sisterhood expanded facilities at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In the 1930’s, Dr. Stone was the Ward County Coroner. Listeners have informed me that a Dr. Stone had an office on the west side of Main Street, back in the 40’s. I believe the hospital was on the east side of Main Street, in the 100 Block that houses Cookies For You. 

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  1. Thank you for doing these little Memories on Mercy Hospital.
    Attached is a scan on my aunt Mata’s Bible. We have always wondered where Mercy Hospital was located. Only one we could find close was in Williston. She would have been living by Aurelia, ND. That is just a couple miles from Donnybrook. Now I can print out your stories & a pic & stick them in the Bible.
    Well, seems like I can’t attach the little excerpt from her Bible, but it reads; in her handwriting:
    Had my appendicitis operation on August the 28, 1933. Was at the Mercy Hospital a month and 3 days. Came home September 27th. My tonsil operation was July 24, 1936. Next operation April 14th 1947, 14 days in Trinity Hospital.