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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

J C Jarrett - Violins

In 1937 J. C. Jarrett was making violins that were different from the conventional instrument. His Violin did not have a sound post as did most others. According to Jarrett,  a sound post is used to improve the tone in violins in which the wood and design are not in perfect acoustical harmony with the strings. Jarrett felt his instrument is acoustically perfect in all its tones so no need for a sound post. The neck of the violin was an inch longer to facilitate the playing of half tones above the open strings. The wood for the violin was rock maple imported from Europe. To determine the musical qualities of the wood, it is struck with a steel hammer before any work is done to it and while it is still in block shape. The wood had to have a silver, bell like tone to be used. The tones would determine the thickness of the pieces to be carved. The cost of material in 1937 was about $100 per violin. The estimated value of the completed violin was $2500.00

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