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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Great White Way - 1917 - Eastwood Park

In the summer of 1917, amid the concerns of war in Europe, Eastwood Park was preparing for a celebration and carnival. Ninety seven street lights had been installed in Eastwood Park and an additional 10 installed on East Central on the same circuit. Eastwood Park was preparing the opening of it's beautiful Great White Way.
In 1917, Eastwood Park was the largest residential section of any city in North Dakota to be lit up with street lights. The festivities planned were band music, a number of speeches, a street carnival of fun including a street dance, and a souvenir booklet about the neighborhood. All the houses in the neighborhood were to have been decorated with Japanese lanterns as well as having their shades up and lights on throughout the house. All the street lights were to have been turned on at the same time.
However, due to a great many things which required public attention, much of the celebration was cancelled.
The celebration was a quiet one with all the street lights and houses lit up. Residents of Eastwood Park held open houses for friends and family. Everyone in Minot was invited to visit Eastwood Park and enjoy the beautiful lighted scenery.

The Epworth League and the Methodist Church served ice cream and other refreshments on the lawn of the home of F.B. Lambert, one of the planners of the event, 224 8th Street SE.
(by Steven Cameron)


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