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Monday, May 4, 2015

The First Minot Parks --

On July 2, 1912, 54 acres of land was purchased on the East side of Minot for $13,750. At the same time 10 acres were purchased on the west side of Minot for $5,25..During the winter of 1912-1913 a contest was help to name the parks. The West Park was named Oak Park due to the large number of oak trees present. The East Park was named Riverside Park. In May of 1913, three more acres next to Riverside Park were purchased adding to it. At the same time 15 acres were purchased in northwest Minot near Minot Normal School, (now MSU), to be named Lincoln Park. In 1922 eleven acres of land was purchased by the city on north hill to become known as Grand View Park. Oak Park – Tennis courts and a wading pool were added to Oak Park in 1917. In June of 1920 the city purchased 52 acres of land to the west of the original park and which increased the size of Oak Park by more the 5 times its original size.

 Oak Park - 1920's
Oak Park Pool - 1961

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