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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Memories of the Past #4

-  Rick's Jewelers on Main Street used to be Sharks Men's Store. The American Cafe still has the same front but is Abacadabra balloons now.  I think, after looking around, that Fiancee was Bader’s Women’s Wear and the Buttrey's store was a couple of doors south. There was also Taube's somewhere on Main street. I noticed "The Fair" sign is still on Ellisons front overhang.

What used to be B&B Drug, Minot Business College, Gaffaney’s and Northwest Sporting Goods on 1st Street (west of Main) is all parking lot!! In that same block there was also the  13 Club and McCurdy’s Café. Across the Street was Toivo’s Jewelers and The Legion Club just north of American State Bank.

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