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Monday, January 28, 2013

Night Clubs - 60's & 70's

 The Covered Wagon Bar – at one time the Covered Wagon Bar on Main Street was Minot’s oldest bar opening in 1900. …. The Dutch Mill – opened in 1944 on East Burdick Expressway (Highway 2 East) at the intersection of 27th  Street, (at one time known as Friday’s and now The Rocking Horse Bar) was the top entertainment spot in Minot.  The Little Dutch Mill – opened in 1955 just to the east of the Dutch Mill. It featured short order and curb side drive-in restaurant service. The Little Dutch Mill building is still there – it is now used a living quarters for bands playing at the Rocking Horse…..

Covered Wagon Bar

Covered Wagon Back Wall

Post Card - Dutch Mill


  1. The photographs are really cool. What amazes me is the infrastructural with the paved roads and concrete curbs. The only thing old looking are the cars. Pretty cool. Apparently, night clubs where popular back then as well.

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