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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1967 Thank You Days #2

1967 – Thank You Days #2 – Downtown Minot  --  This was a November  promotion the Downtown Minot merchants held –- 12 lucky people would be rewarded with a $100 gift certificate from the registration. …. More Participating Businesses you may remember included Olson’s Men’s wear – Samuelson’s Shoes – Walter’s Womens  Wear – Ace Hardware – Straus Brothers Jewelers – White Drug (Downtown location) --  City Bakery – Jupiter Discount Store –The Corset Shoppe --  Kinney’s Shoes – Big Bear Surplus – Wylie Piano – Stevenson’s Womens wear – Minot Drug – Tollefson’s Furniture – Deeter’s Bridal Salon --  

Squtt's Clothing

Interior - Minot Drug

Main Street - 1960's


  1. Do you remember the mezzanine restaurant in Ellison's Department store? For 26cents, including tax you could get a bowl of bean soup and a pepsi! Regular lunch spot for many Minot High students in the early 60's anyway.

  2. I not only remember it. I live there now. You can still see on the floors in the hallway where the booths were. All those feet wore into the stone floors.


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