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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Magic Mile Merchants #2

More of the businesses and proprietors on the “Magic Mile” included Eldean Bechtold – Deliveryman – Minot Lumber – (Qudoba’s) ….. Alfred Braaten – Partsman – Krebsbach’s …. (S Broadway Marketplace Foods) …. Leonard H Rice – Mechanic – Nielson Stewart – (old Ryan GMC – Next to new Honda Store) ….. Gladys Stober – Magic Mile Market (Oil Change Center ) ….. Warren Grenvick – Shop Foreman – Minot Woodworks (across from Ryan Chevrolet) ….. Delores Signalness – Kitchen – Gordons Holiday Spot (Hibachi Restaurant) ….. Henry Zeman – Service manager – Import Motors (Prairie Federal) …. Pictured below is 2nd St SW (Broadway) and 20th Avenue - looking north. On the right is Gordon's Holiday Spot. On the left is the Sterling Motel (now Marketplace Foods Plaza)

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