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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Magic Mile #3

Some of the businesses and proprietors on the “Magic Mile” included Ardell Horob – Chateau Lanes – (Bowling alley where Perkins and Days Inn are now) ….. Oscar Swenson – Swenson’s Furniture (Computech) ….. Larry Ostdahl – Sebby’s House of Tile (corner of 19th and South Broadway (new Dentist Office)) ….. Past Eating Establishments – The Shirley Room Cafeteria – Lower level of the Minot Federal Building…… Chief’s Chicken ‘n Beef & Fish – Located at 1701 South Broadway – Hours were 9am to 10 pm --- eat in or take out – Jake’s Spice & Spirit --- 1919 South Broadway (now the home of the Marketplace Dollar Store) ----


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