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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Past Businesses - 1960's #13

 Sullivan’s Floral – established in 1924, Sullivan’s was at one time Minot’s oldest full service floral shop. …. Smith & Lee Co. – An appliance store located at 14 East Central Avenue. They opened for business in October , 1958. Their phone number was 50-133. Lee’s Photo Finishing – Located at 209 South Main Street. They sold cameras, projectors and did photo finishing…… Voeller Furniture and Carpets – at one time located at 13-15 First St. SE. – a full line furniture store…… S D Kively – Jeweler  - located at 11 East Central Ave – specialized in watch repair and diamond setting. ….. The Great Minot Surplus Store – in 1958 they were located at 9 North Main Street. Featured “everything for the Hunter” along with some men’s clothing and military surplus items. The Surplus store would be in the lower right corner in the 1st picture


  1. I wish I were born on that year when Furniture stores had a lot of different and several types of contemporary furniture. Although there are still lots of contemporary furniture today, I am pretty sure that the quality of the furniture before was highly different from the present.


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