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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magic City Sun

 In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Magic City Sun was a free newspaper, published weekly, consisting of classified ads of all types. It had both business and personal ads. The paper was free as the advertisers paid for the publication. It boasted that its controlled circulation represented over 6,000 more homes than any other publication in the Minot Trade Area. Besides being delivered to homes The Magic City Sun was available at many businesses in the Minot area. Besides the classifieds it featured a Dining Guide, TV section, and a column by Wayne Lubenow
Pictured below is 2nd Avenue in Downtwon Minot looking west from Main Street in 1912. The fountain was at that intersection for many years and is now back on Main Street at the corner of 1st Avenue and Main Street.


  1. Hi Dave. Nice pictures. I love pictures of old town. Happy your life is back to normal.


  2. I was just popping in to say the same thing that Sharon said! I love the old photos of Minot. I also love reading your blog Dave. You make me look forward to each update with great pleasure. Thank you.