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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Trader Dan

Fast –O-Trade – Dan Hornbacher, better known as Trader Dan opened his first sporting goods store in a small location at 525 East Central Avenue in August of 1945. Changing the name to Fast-O-Trade, in 1949 moved to 16 North Main Street.. In 1961 Trader Dan built a new building on Highway 83 South. The new location provide a lot of outside room for boats, trailers and motorcycles. They akso carried a full line of sporting goods inside. Trader Dan stocked western clothing for hunters, archery equipment and all types of fishing tackle, along with firearms and ammunition. I have been informed that at one time Trader Dan would appear on late night TV selling his wares over the airwaves. I have been informed that for a while Dan Hornbacher went into the construction business with his son. Apparently they built a house which exploded due to a gas leak when lighting the furnace. Dan’s son was killed in the explosion. Dan and his wife lived in a house, behind his business, located at County Road 14 and Highway 83 South. This is now the location of Ryan Honda

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  1. I am Trader Dan's oldest grandchild. Thank you for the picture of the store downtown. I only knew it on Hwy 83. My grandfather had such a big heart that he would trade whatever people had for what they needed. He was actually the first business man in Minot to advertise on late night TV. People thought he was crazy, especially my grandmother!
    My father actually didn't die in the explosion you referred to. He crawled out and lived for some days in the hospital before succumbing to his injuries. I really appreciate that you have included my grandfather, Dan Hornbacher, in your Minot Memories.