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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Restaurants in the 1960’s & 1970’s -

 McDowell’s Big Boy Take Out – 17th St and 4th Avenue Northwest – Featured catering for events of all sizes …….  Jack’s Pizza – 511 North Broadway and Tony’s Pizza on Valker Road (Capri Bar location by the Holiday Inn )- Also featured tacos and sandwiches in addition to pizza – Specials – 3 tacos for $1.00 ….. Sweden House – then The Viking Table - A smorgasbord restaurant located at 1910 South Broadway (now the home of Marketplace Dollar Store)  After The Viking Table it became McJack’s and then Jake’s Spice & Spirit  … .. Hitchin’ Post Restaurant – located 3 mile east of the Fairgrounds – Sunday baked ham dinner in 1976 only $3.75 …..


  1. I have a friend at Grabmyessay and he used to live in Minot. I have never been there myself but I think he would like to read this post, I wonder if he could tell which street it is by looking at this old picture. Thanks for posting.