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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lincoln Park -

 Lincoln Park on Roach Ave.  The 12+ acres of land was jointly owned by Erik Ramstad, Joseph Roach and James Johnson.  It was donated to the Minot City Park District for Park purposes.  In the 1950's the City people voted to put a school on the property not knowing the full details of where the land came from or what it was originally intended for.  Some descendants of the city founders cried "Foul" saying it was intended for a park purposes.  Then came "The Battle for Lincoln Park" lawsuit, School District of Minot vs. Park District of Minot, Judge ruled the School District could buy the $100,000 property from the Park District for $20,000.  Then the school was built in the flood zone. 
This map shows the location of Lincoln Park... Note  - Grand Avenue  is now University Ave.