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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware on Broadway – in August of 1922 Ace Hardware opened a new store on the corner of Broadway and Burdick Expressway. The location was the former home of Wholesale Food Center and before that the National Grocery Store. Al Anderson bought the building, completely remodeled and moved the store from 11 First St SW where they had been since 1946. After Ace Hardware moved the store was A Scheel’s Hardware and SportingGoods. Scheels was also the place to buy many baking items that could not be found at regular department stores…. Then when Sheel’s moved out half of the building was used as a furniture store and the other half was Schlotsky’s Restaurant and is now the home of Zimmerman’s Furniture

 National Foods - early 1950"s
Ace Hardware opening 1968

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