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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Motels on East Burdick

Parkway Motel  - The Parkway Motel  was at 910 4th Ave and was owned by Lester and Emma Owens. It was first established as the Brothen’s Motel owned by the Brothen brothers. It is where the east side of the Coca Cola Co. is now. The Parkway was acquired by Coca Cola and torn down to make room for a warehouse addition

Ken- Way Motel – This Motel  was across the street from the fairgrounds on 4th Ave. It was owned by Ken and Wayne Smith. They were champion curling team members from Minot … Reportedly they won many curling championships. The Ken Way was still there until the 2011 flood. I was demolished and rebuilt ... however I am not sure if it is still a motel.

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