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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1965 - Dutch Mill -- Metzger's

Dutch Mill – In 1965 the Dutch Mill (Rockin’ Horse) also featured a dinner menu in addition to the bar and lounge. They featured an evening smorgasbord meal for $1.75 all you could eat. Entrees included baron of beef, Viginia baked ham, turkey and barbecue chicken. In 1965 The Dutch Mill also featured a discotheque with go-go girls.

Metzger’s Appliance – 1965 – located in Downtown Minot at 119 West Central Avenue, Metzger’s Electronic Sales add the Speed Queen line of  washing machines to their inventory. Metzger’s was the “Authorized Dealer” for Speed Queen. These were wringer wash machines that carried a five year warranty and were available in two models. Owner of the store was Maury Metzger. Later Metzger's would move to a new location on South Broadway - Paradise Spa's now occupies that location


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